Monday, May 23, 2011

What is the DEAL with holes in my tee shirts?

Finding a tee shirt that fits well, feels well and flatters is a tough task. What's more frustrating than, when, you find your new shirt, or the one you've had for like a month..has a hole right near the belly button area!  UGH! I hear this complaint from my clients daily but the funny thing is...I personally haven't experienced this and I wear tee shirts almost every day.  Why am I NOT getting holes and others are? So I did some research and this is what I found...

1. Tee shirts are now being made with extra soft cotton and woven lighter and less dense into our fabric. Ever seen your tee's referred to as 'tissue tee'? This is being done because we want our tee's to feel soft on our skin and drape more along our bodies.  The issue is softer the cotton, the lighter the weave, the weaker the fabric is, so if you have an area of your tee shirt that rubs against, say your jeans, or a belt or your jacket's going to wear a hole.  I found that I almost always tuck the front of my tees into my jeans so they aren't covering my belt buckle...and I don't wear jackets with zippers...(dunno why...just a blazer kinda girl) a solution...hmmm?

2. Granite counter tops have become a staple in most homes built or remodeled in the past 10 years and if you run your hands along the edge of your counter top you may feel a rough end to your tile.  AND if you lean against your counter top as I've learned many people do...your tee may snag at this location.  I noticed, maybe because I'm giant (5' 11") when I lean on the counter tops it hits me at my hips, not my where my tee shirt is...

So if you're having this issue...try NOT wearing zipper jackets, tucking the front of your tees into your pants and NOT leaning against your granite counter tops....and you may save a tee or two...let me know if it works for you...

Oh PS...I usually only buy J Crew Painter Tees....which they don't make anymore..btw:)


  1. Moms at the school were just talking about this last week!
    I was a bit confused about what they were talking about, since I don't have holes there. They talked about counter tops, and seatbelts. I thought about it, and my belly doesn't hit the counter top either because I'm so tall, I think my knees do :-). Good post though, because many women talk about it!

  2. Wow I just stumbled upon your blog and I found this post. I've had this problem even with expensive brand name tees and I've been scared to buy another tee. I was wondering what was wrong. I will try your advice