Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring is HERE now what?!

Dear Sara (Dahlstyle),
I woke up the other day to this blinding shine coming from my bedroom window, just beating down on my face.  What was this bright light? It feel so familiar. I was quick to realize it's was the sun! It's back! I jumped on my feet, scampered to my closet like a kid on the first day of school, threw open the doors and stood there for five minutes...realizing...I Oh MY GOD! I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! So here I am writing to you...what do I do...where do I start? I'm so overwhelmed.
Sunny but Sad,
Barb 37 Grade School Teacher
You crack me up girl!  Yes the sun is on it's way back to visit for a few months (at least, fingers crossed).  First of all that overwhelmed feeling is totally normal. Take a deep breathe and follow my will be at the other side of the fashion frenzie in no time!
1. Check out some online boutiques and magazines or catalogs and pull looks that you like, colors you like, accessories etc.  Start to collect a folder of these looks.  I actually put mine in a binder (see picture). You don't want to start shopping without having some direction or you'll have a wardrobe of pieces and not outfits.

2. Get down your spring wardrobe storage containers ( I know you separate your seasons in your closet..oh you don' should!) BEFORE you put your spring clothes into your closet you should review them one by one and follow this series of questions:
  • Does this FIT me anymore?
  • Doesn this FLATTER me anymore? Note: Clothes that are worn out DO NOT flatter you.
  • Does this still  FUNCTION or have FUNCTION in my lifestyle? (many pieces I had got donated after I had kids)
  • Does this still make me feel FABULOUS? Sometimes the love affair is over...and it's time to move on to the next love affair.
Okay. Not before you go adding all those Flatter, Fabulous fashions back to your wardrobe you need to do the same with your existing wardrobe:
  • Fit?
  • Flatter?
  • Function? Winter items...need to be boxed and stored away.
  • Fabulous?
THEN and only then, do you add the Spring items to your wardrobe and you assess what you've got.  You'll probably find that some of the styles you picked for your binder this spring are items you already have. What do you NOT have that you pulled out of each magazine or online boutique you checked out?  For me it's been cat eye sunglasses and maxi dresses.  So I KNOW I need to find these two pieces for my wardrobe...see what those items are for you and NOW you've got a mission!

Remember though, the 3:1 rule while you're out shopping. You find one piece you love and you have to make three existing outfits from your closet with this new item you're considering...this way you'll have a functional wardrobe!
Very best of luck to you.  Keep me posted on what some of your wish list items are and I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.
Fashionably yours,
Sara 'Dahl'quist

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