Monday, May 9, 2011

For the vertically challenged...

I have a number of petite clients and a FEEL for them!  The world is just not built for a petite woman, especially if she wants to be dressed!  I mean first of all...where can you find petite made clothing other than the stand-by Nordstrom, Banana and Ann Taylor.  What if you actually want something that is different than what 80% of the world is wearing?
Being that I'm a Fashion Consultant, you think I have an answer for this but...I don't. I'm just the consultant..not the retailer.  I have to work with what they give me. I wish I had a direct line to every manufacturer out there.
Here is what I can offer though.
If you're petite here are the rules you mainly need to stick to in order to make the most of your petite stature.
1. You are not tall...get over it.  Love your petite self!  If you can't change it...accept it.

2. Show off your legs!  Skirts and Dresses need to be no longer than at your knee.

3. A heel of any height can be your best friend

4. If you're petite, wear petite, avoid over sized silhouettes, jackets, pants and large prints.

5. Draw the eye UP!  Avoid cuffed pants wide legs, detail at the bottom.  Wear color, prints, patterns and textures up by your face.

6. Keep your line as streamline as you can, don't cut yourself in half.

7. IF you need to wear a cropped pant..wear one no shorter than your ankle unless it's a short.

I've learned from being so tall that whatever it is you've got/don't have, you have to accept and make the most of it.  That works well with just about every scenario one would come to in life. :)

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