Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tall/Full Figure/Straight/Long Body/Short(er) legs Body Type

So I had a client the other day who is beautiful!  She's tall 5'8" and a straight full figure body type.  I just fell in love with her because at a size 16/18 she's very comfortable with her body type.  She eats well and exercises no less than three days a week so she's doing what she has to stay fit and healthy. Her issue wasn't that she wanted to be a size 0 or look different than herself.  She just didn't know HOW to dress for her body type.  
After reviewing her body type I concluded that she's has a tall, straight, full figure but the twist is, she is proportionately longer in her body than her legs. This changed everything she'd thought about what she should be wearing.  Just like so many do, my client had done some research on the internet and in books to see what her body type was and what she should be wearing and when she tried to buy and wear the items that the books and 'experts' were recommending, they just didn't feel or look right.  This is because 1. most often I find that if someone is a 'full figure' (size 14+) then you're suppose to wear long A-line shapes and 2. She wasn't taking into consideration her proportions. Which I find to be a key component that is almost always missed and not addressed in those 'Find your Personal Style' books.  So here is the breakdown of what she should be considering having this kind of body type.  I hope this information can shed some light on anyone who has a similar body type.

Key Points
  • Elongate legs= Show more leg
  • Visually shorten appearance of upper body= wear tops that hit no longer than the top of your hip bone.  NEVER cover your crotch!
  • Must WEAR SHAPE to look like you HAVE shape= You are what you wear. You wear square you look square. You wear big and over sized...your going to look big and over sized. etc...
  • Soften the shoulder=being tall and a full figure, you can often have a broad shoulder. Softening this feature will give you a more feminine appeal. (And you'll fell less like a full back)

What to Wear:

Jackets that are A-line from the empire line of your body (under your boobs) out will flatter and draw the eye up, making your legs look longer.

Also jackets that have a belt or waist detail will have the same effect.

Choose tops that sit no longer than on top of your hip bone. This will show more leg..thus, making your legs look LONGER!
The center front ruffle can draw the eye up too and away from any area you're not feeling so confident about. wink.

Longer sweaters are all good but make sure you can belt it. Again drawing that eye UP elongating your legs, Also keep the front of the sweater open so you can see the full front of your body. This will elongate the your body too and not visually cut it up.
The asymmetry of this sweater too adds shape which is what you want!

Have some FUN! You don't have to wear solid colors and dark denim if you have a straight body type.  Wear some denim that have personality.  Shading can create shape for you where you might be lacking. Especially in the rear end.  To make your legs look their longest make sure they fall as long as where your toe meets your foot in the shoe that you're wearing. That will create the longest leg line for you.

Dresses that are uniform in color or print will elongate your body and balance out the in balance of your proportions whether you be long bodied and short legged or long legged and short bodied.

Yes, being 5'8" or taller you can rock a maxi. A maxi with a contrast or design element at the empire line will be most flattering. The center stripe is slimming and elongating and most important, the dress falls flat and away from the body. BEWARE of gathering around the empire line. It can sometimes be a flattering element for your body type but it can also make you look like you're expecting. You have to just try on to see for yourself.

So there are some suggestions for you to look for if you have a Tall, Full Figure, Straight, Long Body, Short(er) leg, body type. 
Let me know if you have a body type you can't figure out and I'll do my best to give you some insight.
Shop Stylishly!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peek into my shopping bag...some bargain shopping...

Just dropped into Buffalo Exchange and Target the other day on a 'Me Time' break from the kids and found some cute things! Check 'em out...
Like my lack of will power with boots, I have a serious weakness for anything chevron stripe. I want them in my home, on my clothes. Maybe I should shave them onto the sides of my kids heads....I digress....
When I saw this top I loved it! Especially how it kind of wanted to drape off one of my shoulders. Made me feel kind of sexy but still classy.
I'll wear this with my American Apparel knit pants that are, yes, MC hammer-ish.  Or I'll rock it with my high waist bell jeans and my black and wood platform sandals....hmmm
I'll also like this with just my cut off jeans and some black gladiators.
YES that IS three it IS worth the $19!

Isn't this pendant SO cool! My nanny saw an owl. I saw wings but taking another look I see two birds.  I LOVE that it seems like something different to whomever is checking it out.  I'm going to have to hit up a bead store to find the right beads to make this into a necklace. Though, that will require having the time to make it...stay tuned.

$16 1/2 off so $8

When I saw this clutch it screamed Roman Holiday to me for some reason and then when I looked inside I saw it was vintage and made in Italy. Not far off eh?  LOVE the texture, the size..I'll be wearing this with just a tee and jeans...or maybe a maxi sundress...or I just rediscovered an old black crepe Jcrew dress I had hidden away...SO many things to wear with it....not enough days. wink.


Then I hit Target just because I love to dink around in there when I can. I'm usually running in to grab diapers and self tanner but this day..this day I had time on my side and I found these.  Do you see the chevron stripe?  Ugh I tell you..I need therapy! I think these would look great with my new top from Buffalo!

So I hope I proved that you can find some really cool and original pieces out there without having to spend a fortune! Happy Shopping.  Share with me YOUR finds!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Break Down: My Habit Rachel Pally Dress $78 I got it for $50

I'm always telling my clients..if you're going to buy something it must fit into the following criteria:
It has to FIT you
It has to FLATTER you and your figure
It has to have FUNCTION in your lifestyle
and it has to make you feel FABULOUS!

So I got my dress in the mail yesterday...and I tried it's how those same criteria broke down for me. (Same rules apply... right;)
FIT: The dress has a built in bra that fits me great. Not too big or small.  The straps aren't buckling and the armhole isn't too loose or tight.
The body skims my body, not too loose and baggy and not hugging anywhere.
FLATTER: Usually bright white isn't the most flattering on me but the color confetti in this dress are all colors that flatter my coloring.
I do not love my legs so this is just long enough where it covers my legs but do you see how the skirt goes up on each side. This 'jersey' cut helps create shape for me and elongates my leg (shows more skin) which is good if I go with a longer dress.
TIP: To create the most flattering shape on a drawstring dress gather the fabric to the center front and then again to the center back so the dress lays smooth on the sides.

FUNCTION: I'm a Mother of two young little boys and a Personal Style Consultant so I'm either running around chasing little people or I'm eyeball deep in a clients closet or with them in a dressing room. I need to be able to get on the floor and play cars for hours and/or on the floor explaining to a client where a hem should hit on them.  In other words I need MOVEMENT! This dress, being modal its stretchy and comfortable so I can move and stretch. I can bend down and reach forward without tearing a seam or showing off the color of my underwear to people who don't want to see it.
FEEL FABULOUS: So in the end...the dress fits me, flatters my figure, has function in my lifestyle but the fleeting question...does it make me feel FABULOUS?  It DOES! I LOVE it...I feel sassy and cute. It's colorful which I need in my cream infested wardrobe. I can dress it up and I can dress it down. So you bet I'm going to keep it:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shop the look: Shifty Boho

I LOVE the blog Fashion Toast and was schrolling through the looks when I saw this one.  I thought..Oh how cute then my next thought was..ya if you're 23. But then again...why can't I used this adorable twits look as inspiration. I mean that's why she's sharing with us right. So I shopped a look that I think I could pull off being 36 with two kids (Unlike colors, when you get a stain, white bleaches out REALLY well Mamas:)) Click on the pictures if you want to shop yourself.

***Also send me a look you like and I'll shop it for you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

SCORE! Blue 'Topaz' Earrings from Targey. Wink

Check out Peanuts hand modeling skills!

Check out what I scored at Target yesterday! I've been looking for Blue Topaz earrings and to find them for $9.99 at Targey! Sweet! These look so much more expensive because:
  • The blue stone LOOKS authentic..not like plastic (which it is)
  • The construction is per what you'd find at a boutique.
  • The gold is brushed and not too shiny
  • The gold is the right color gold..not too yellow or pale
I'll keep you posted on how I rock these little gems.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nordsroms Anniversary Sale Picks Part 1

It's so difficult to even consider leather and wool right now let alone boots and outerwear but these deals and the savings are too much to resist! Here are some of my picks and tips from the Nordstrom catalog. You know I'm going to give pointers on who and how to wear these items too. Shop stylishly and keep me posted on what you get and how you ROCK IT!

Oh don't you just want to wrap yourself up in this! And you look like a million for $98.90! Nordstrom Collection Ribbed Knit Ruana
Who: This is such a volumous garment. Remember you are what you wear so you'll look this large and grand if you choose to rock this.  That means you should be slight in frame. Also you don't want this shawl to wear you so I'd recommend this for someone who is 5'8" or taller.
How: Whenever you wear volume up top you want to balance that out with something slim on the bottom. I'd recommend a skinny jean, legging or even a leather skinny pant... can wear a flat or a bootie or a knee high boot even.

Okay this to me looks a little costume-y for me.  Don't get me wrong I totally have a little boho to my style but this looks like you're headed to a 70's party. But separetely I think they could be SO cool!
Who: Dress Sanctuary 'Greenwhich' $99.90: You've got have some legs to rock this dress! If you don't like your bare legs you can always rock with tights! This dress would look so great on a boy or straight shaped body type either tall or petite (if the bell sleeves aren't too overwhelming and swallow you up)
Vest Santurary 'New Rockin' Natalie Faux Fur Vest $98.90: Oh SO Jane Berkin! This vest is LONG so I'd suggest you be the same to rock this. The only time this would look good on a petite is if it's worn like in the picture and with a short skirt or dress. 
How: Dress: Pair with black or brown tights and either an suede taupe ankle boot or a black motorcycle boot.  A knee high frye boot would be pretty classic too! I also think a tassled pump would be adorable! See below:

Tassle Pump

This is one item I think I HAVE to have! The faux shearling vest. Echo $49.90
Who: This again is a little long in the front so I'd recommend for the 5'7" and taller girl.  Make sure this vest doesn't hide your shape but actually gives or compliments you.  It could be great for just about any body type as long as you've got a little height to balance the length.
How: I love the way they styled this in the photo, with just a simple white tee. It's a stand alone stylish piece so it's easy to pair with something more simple. On the other hand the lines are so clean that you could easily pair this vest with a bolder, busier printed top or dress and it won't 'compete'. Pair with a plaid collared blouse (not tucked in) and some skinny or straight leg jeans with wool and leather booties for a Portland 'Rugged' look.

LOVE the colors in this dress! So fun and flirty. A great dres for the transition from Summer to Fall. The cut of the dress though is something to be concerned with.
Laundry by Shelli Segal $159.90
Who: I like the empire cute of this dress but the gathered fabric in the front of the dress can be dangerous.  If you have a little something to hide or camouflage in the tummy area...this dress can make you look more like you have MORE in that area because of the gathers.  This dress is best for someone who has a straight/boy shaped body type both tall and this dress would be great for a petite! Especially if you have a long torso and short legs!
How: You could rock this dress with cute little flats, a pump or a knee high boot! Rock the faux shearling vest with this! wink.

Would YOU rock a leather pant? I wouldn't count it out. Kenna-T Skinny leather pant $349.90

Who: If you are daring enough to rock this trend and you love your legs..then I say ROCK IT! Always check the placement of the pockets...grab your butt, turn around..are the pockets centered under your palm? That's a great fit.
How: Pair with an oversized but not too big and baggy denim shirt and a pair of black ankle boots or a tassled pump, even a mary jane pump would work. I also love how they styled this photo with a silky top and vest. A play on texture and color. 

Are you cardi obsessed?  This modern take on the cape is perfect for someone who loves the look and feel of a cardigan but needs an update. This shape is so modern. Mackage 'Delia' cape $389.90
Who: This sweater is so great for someone who has narrow shoulders and who's petite OR tall! Yay.
 How: Ugh. How NOT?:) This sweater is great with a silky blouse like in the picture...or even with a cami under and with a pair of dress slacks OR jeans! It would be striking with a pencil skirt or over a shaped sheath dress. Perfect to wear casually or to the office! Worth the investment.

Here they are!! Oh boots boots and more boots! Ugh I'm in HEAVEN!:)
Who: Boutique 9 'floyde' tall boot with two buckles $159.90 (top left): Great for someone TALL this boot will cut you off at the top and at the ankle.  You have to have the 'real estate' to break your leg up this much.
Vera Wang Lavender 'Kipp' $279.90 and Frye Carmen Back Lace boot $199.90 (top right in gray, bottom middle in fawn): These short boots are great again for someone with narrow long legs. This length can cut a leg off in an awkward place.  Make sure it doesn't hit at the widest part of your calf muscle.
Fry 'Jane Strappy' $239.90 and 'Mellissa Button Back Zip' $219.90 (botton left and bottom right): These knee high boots are great for anyone about 5' 6" and taller. Shorter you may need a shorter/tall boot that doesn't cut you off so high on the leg.

And if the classic riding boot is more your thing...

Who: Cole Haan 'Air Whitley' buckle boot, leather and stretch suede $229.90 (top left): This boot could be great if you have a very muscular calf muscle because the adjustable buckle and stretch suede. Corso Como 'San Angelo' quilted boot $169.90 (bottom left): This is a great, stylish and classic boot but not good if you have thick or heavy legs. Vince Camuto 'Bilco' tall boot $159.90 (middle) : is a beautiful boot perfect if you've got long legs. LOVE the color and hardware. And lastly Via Spiga 'Kacey' riding boot $259.90: THE classic riding boot. Looks good on most any body type 5'6" or taller and your legs are average to longer than average.

Trend ALERT! Grey wool flannel paired with your favorite color leather! UGH this looks expensive but casual...just screams exquisite to me:)
Who: Cole Haan Buckle boot $249.90 (top left): Great if you have a slender LONG leg because of the width of this.  Great to wear with a sweater dress....or with jeans and cashmere boyfriend cardigan...oh...I think I must own these...
Boutique 9 'Nexxie' peep toe bootie $89.90: Great on anyone who has a slender ankle. Perfect to wear with tights and  dress or skirt to work or with skinny jeans or even some leather pants...:)
Nice Camuto 'Jerrell' High Heel Bootie $109.90 (bottom right): Ugh I love me a sleek bootie that hits high on the foot! These would look great with a dress or skirt, opaque tights and any flattering top! You have to be able to rock a heel though, not just balance...but walk. Steven by SM 'Madee' flat $79.90 (very bottom): Great for the shoe wearer who doesn't dig heels. Great with any slack or denim even an A-line skirt that hits right above the knee.

I have more to come! Stay tuned....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Seeing RED

Red pants are SO on trend right now and it looks like it's a trend you'll see going into fall. ANYONE can rock this trend if they like. Here are some suggestions based on different body types.

Seeing RED

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thank you...NO Thank YOU!

Did you see the last episode of Oprah? I did and man has it resonated with me. One of the things she said is (I paraphrase) 'if you've found your passion then you are one of the lucky one's'. And you know what I thought...'I AM one of the lucky one's. Helping women feel their very best, IS my passion' and I'm so fortunate to have been able to find what my passion is, what I'm talented in, what I'm good at because God and my best friends know, I'm not good at much. In the seven years since I started my business we've (we: my husband and I) so many ups and Downs but what got me

through it was YOU. My clients. Your positive feedback and your support in all my fresh endeavors, just fuels me in ways you may never understand. I have so many clients who say "You changed my life" but truly YOU changed mine. I keep some of your 'Thank You' cards up on a board in my room so I can look up and see the connections we've made. It's those connections that make me feel that what I do isn't about the clothes but about YOU feeling fabulous and looking fabulous so you can BE fabulous. Know your cards and Thank Yous don't go unappreciated and really I should be thanking keep me going on the path that I'm meant to travel on.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red White AND Blue for the 4th?

I've had a few clients contact me over the past few days asking me if it's OK to wear Red, White AND Blue on the 4th? My answer is..YES of course it's okay! The fashion gods will NOT strike you down with lightning if you leave the house on the 4th rock'n your Red,White AND Blue..but IS it stylish? Not really.

It's borderline cheesy. In likeness with heading to a holiday party sparkling more than a decorated tree or knocking on the door of Grandma's for Thanksgiving dressed like a pilgram. Now if that's your thing..than I'm NOT talking about you so stop 'tsking'.  Rock your stripes.  Wear the American flag likeness with glory!

It can be adorable to dress your kids up too!  Go for it. Nothing cuter than little people in stars and stripes:)

But for me, if you're looking to look festive but NOT like a wavy 'Old Glory' than just take one of those colors out of the equation. Rock a red and white stripe..grounded with a black instead of navy. Or navy and white and rock a yellow for a POP.

So if you prefer to leave the dressing up to your dog, than check out what I shopped for you below. Remember click on what you like to see where you can buy it.

Oh! And Happy Birthday America! Your ROCK!

Festive but NOT patriotic 4th of July Outfits