Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rompers...are they for you?

Rompers. Are they for everyone? What I love about them is they are an instant outfit. What I hate is they NEVER fit a tall person! The rise is always too short. But then again, I don't have legs to rock and boy do you need toned legs to rock if you're going to wear this style. Who can rock this style? The petite population! Rompers are SO cute on anyone under the heighth of 5'4" who have legs to show off!
Now the question that still has waffling is 'Are rompers appropriate for a woman of a certain age?' I'd say..IF you can rock a romper and NOT look like you're trying too hard than go for it! I have friends and clients who are over 40 who can KILL in a romper but I've also seen women who absolutely look ridiculous. You know who you are! So IF you can rock a romper here are some outfit suggestions.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

What handbag should YOU be carrying?

Just like the shape of a shirt or the line of a skirt can change the shape of someone's body type, a purse can do just the same. Where and how you carry your purse can compliment or exploit parts of someone's body shape or proportions.
A good rule to stick by would be: Wear the size that you are..petite: petite, large:large and wear your purse in the area where you may want more attention.  Avoid wearing your purse in areas where you want less attention.

Pear Shaped:
Your shoulders are more narrow than your hips. Your carry your weight in your hips and thighs.  Your body or torso may be longer than your legs in proportion.

TIP:You want to avoid having your handbag hit you in line of the widest part of your proportion. This means nothing that sits on or by your hips or thighs.

What purse should you wear if you're Pear Shaped

Inverted Triangle and Chesty:  Your shoulders are broader than your hips. You have a bra cup size D or larger.

TIP: You want to avoid wearing your handbag under your arm AT the chest level.  Anything that crosses over your chest will exploit your chest as well. Purses will flatter you most carried by hand whether they be a handbag or clutch. 

What purse should you wear if you're Top Heavy or Chesty? by dahlstyle featuring crossbody handbags

What purse should you wear if you're Top Heavy or Chesty?

Inverted Triangle with Small Chest: Your shoulders are wider than your hips and your chest is a C cup or smaller.

TIP: You want to avoid anything that has buckles or detail on the purse strap that will add volume or attention to your widest part, your shoulders.  A messenger or hip slug bag will help balance out your hips with your shoulders.


What purse to carry if you're an Inverted Triangle with a Small Chest

 Petite Body Type: You are under the height of 5' 5"

TIP: Avoid wearing a bag that looks like you could fit in.  Keep your handbags petite like you!
What purses to carry if you're Petite

Large and Tall Body Type: You're 5' 9" or taller and/or a plus size figure.

TIP: If you're a large or tall body type you want to avoid handbags are too small.  This proportion will dwarf your size and make you look like a BIGGER person with and itty bitty bag.

What purse to carry if your Tall or Full Figured