Monday, May 9, 2011

Need to be ready and stylish in 15..just throw a hat on it...

Ever wake up with 15 seconds to get ready and out the door?  My response: I'm a parent of two..what do you think?
So I wear hats SO often..not JUST because they're stylish but because they're EASY to...say it all together...
Here is where I keep my hats
Easy to grab n go! Mind you, I haven't transitioned into my spring/summer hats yet.  I need to shop too! wink.
So what hat style might look good on you?  Never fear, I've broken it down for you simply and easily AND did some shopping
for you, just click on the hat under the celebrity example to buy for yourself!
A wide brim is best for long narrow faces.  Draws the eye out. Putting a slight angle to your hat
can be so stylish too!
Avoid anything too top tall and narrow at the brim. It will just exploit your long lovely shape
Hats with a soft line to them will balance the sharp angles of someone with
a square jawline.  It's great because you can go OH SO dramatic:)
Avoid:  Small and boxy shapes. Fedoras are worn with a little angle to them though.
It's important to keep the crown a little taller to give your face shape some
height. You'll also counter the round of your shape by wearing you hat at a slight angle.
AVOID:  droopy bucket hats...or TOO floppy of any kind of hat, it will
look like your head is being swallowed up:)
Just about any style of hat looks great on an oval shaped face.  So ROCK it!!
Q: What's the hat shape that can universally look good on just about anyone?

A: The Fedora looks good on everyone.

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