Friday, May 27, 2011

Capris and Ankle Lengthed Pants: Who, How and With What?

I don't think I've ever gone into a client's closet and NOT seen a pair of capris or ankle length pants.  And if I have to break the bad news that this silhouette isn't the most flattering for their figures I get this look from them like I'm speaking pig latin.  I mean how could capris NOT be flattering! They are everywhere, sold in every store that offers women's clothing.

My response: Just because the store carries it, doesn't mean it's right for you.

Here are some tips on who should wear a cropped pant and how to wear them.


Listen. You ARE what you WEAR so if you wear a cropped pant your legs will look...what?...CROPPED.  That's not to say that they look bad on everyone but they DO look unflattering on those that already have a shorter leg. 
Short Legs Long Torso

When you have the imbalance of a long torso and shorter leg, the way to create balance is to visually shorten the torso and lengthen the leg. You want to do this by:
  • Wearing pants that hit at least at the top of your foot but most preferably your pant should hit where your to toe meets your foot in the shoe that you're wearing.
  • IF you need to wear a cooler option..choose a short instead of a capri and try to show as much leg as you feel comfortable with (while still being appropriate for your age and occasion)

So if your body type is balanced top/bottom or you've got long legs and short torso then a capri or ankle length pant could be a flattering option for you.


Capri that hits at widest part of calf

AVOID your pant hitting you at the widest part of your calf.  It cuts you in a thick area...which will make you got it..THICK.

Ok..your capri isn't hitting at the widest part of your calf but if you're curvy and you don't want to exploit your curves.  AVOID high contrast shading or distressing at the middle of your thigh and center of the butt.  This shading visually excentuates any and all the curves you're rock'n.  There is a way to compliment your curves and still rock a capri.

Dark and Uniform in color: Old Navy

Uniform in color and dark in saturation are the most flattering for anyone but especially those of you have curvy figures. It creates a long uninterrupted line.

TIP: Remember that pockets on your denim should hit in the middle of your palms when you grab your own butt.  Any higher..not good, wider not good, a lot lower, not good.


If you choose a longer version or an ankle pant then you want to make sure your pant sits on top of your ankle and it's hitting it or below the ankle or you'll look like you shrunk your pants.

The rule I tell my clients is, the pant should hit no longer than one finger width above your ankle bone and not higher than two fingers.

If you have longer legs but thick ankles...this length is not right for you

TIP: You never want anything to hit you where you don't want attention.

Boxy Wide NOT CUTE!
Boxy wide capris...don't look good on anyone. Goes back to that same rule I talked about first: You ARE what you WEAR! Boxy, wide...not exactly what you want to look like right?

Wear with:

Trotters Felice Open Toe Slip On Flat $52.22

Nine West Blanca Wedge $99

High Ankle Gladiator

AVOID: Pairing high ankle wrapped sandals with your capris or ankle length pants, unless you have legs to your eyeballs.  This style can cut up the lower leg proportions too much.

Joie Shasta Stripe Top $148

 Since you should be wearing a straight cut or skinny silhouette when rock'n a capri you can juxtapose the skinny with a fuller top.

TIP: Make sure whatever to you choose it doesn't swamp your proportion. 

Where to buy them:

Curvy figures: 
Straight body types:
Best Deals for the fit:
Mature Body Types:
Best Denim for Curvy: Joe's or James Jean
Best Denim for Straight: Paige Premium
Best Denim capris for mature figures: Not Your Daughters Jeans

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faux frame'n it


  • Faux eyewear Urban Outfitters $9, It's not faking it..its call pretending.
  • Shirt: RVCA,  Blake's on NW 23rd place $55, you know you love something you buy when you wear it the same day you bought it.
  • Belt: vintage, can't remember what I paid for it but it was WORTH IT!
  • Earrings: Silver Schroll Kenneth Cole $22 Macy's, I just love me some Kenneth Cole jewelry.
  • Boyfriend jeans, Bella Dahl, can't remember what they cost, Meringue Boutique
  • Photographer: August-Jack age 3.5

Mommy suit NO MORE!

Dolce Gabbana dot swimwear
$775 -

Lanvin one shoulder swimwear
$666 -

Missoni Mare nylon bikini
$156 -

Seafolly vintage bikini
$142 -

L Space fringe bathing suit
$130 -

Gideon oberson swimwear
$72 -

TopShop halterneck bikini
$60 -

25 GBP -

Pins jewelry
10 GBP -

It's a's a's....a...TWAID!

Be Unexpected Be Silly

Gingham top
$88 -

Paige Denim leather pants
$241 -

Antik Batik leather handbag
$335 -

Nixon water resistant watch
$150 -

Ben Amun clip earring
$120 -

Betsey johnson sunglass
$55 -

Raffia Fedora
$24 -

Monday, May 23, 2011

What is the DEAL with holes in my tee shirts?

Finding a tee shirt that fits well, feels well and flatters is a tough task. What's more frustrating than, when, you find your new shirt, or the one you've had for like a month..has a hole right near the belly button area!  UGH! I hear this complaint from my clients daily but the funny thing is...I personally haven't experienced this and I wear tee shirts almost every day.  Why am I NOT getting holes and others are? So I did some research and this is what I found...

1. Tee shirts are now being made with extra soft cotton and woven lighter and less dense into our fabric. Ever seen your tee's referred to as 'tissue tee'? This is being done because we want our tee's to feel soft on our skin and drape more along our bodies.  The issue is softer the cotton, the lighter the weave, the weaker the fabric is, so if you have an area of your tee shirt that rubs against, say your jeans, or a belt or your jacket's going to wear a hole.  I found that I almost always tuck the front of my tees into my jeans so they aren't covering my belt buckle...and I don't wear jackets with zippers...(dunno why...just a blazer kinda girl) a solution...hmmm?

2. Granite counter tops have become a staple in most homes built or remodeled in the past 10 years and if you run your hands along the edge of your counter top you may feel a rough end to your tile.  AND if you lean against your counter top as I've learned many people do...your tee may snag at this location.  I noticed, maybe because I'm giant (5' 11") when I lean on the counter tops it hits me at my hips, not my where my tee shirt is...

So if you're having this issue...try NOT wearing zipper jackets, tucking the front of your tees into your pants and NOT leaning against your granite counter tops....and you may save a tee or two...let me know if it works for you...

Oh PS...I usually only buy J Crew Painter Tees....which they don't make anymore..btw:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eyes only for EYELET

Doesn't eyelet just scream 'Summer is here!' I hope this inspires you to ROCK some eyelet in YOUR own way!

Eyelet texture is usually assumed to look sweet and demure but your can spice it up with an animal print belt and some cage sandals.  SWEET meets SOUR. wink

Bar III Dress, Sleeveless Eyelet Bow Back $79

TIP: Remember if you're going to ROCK a belt with a dress that has a waist seam..make sure the belt lays ON the seam.

MICHAEL Michael Kors black studded leather skinny belt $27

BEWARE: if you have a thick ankle or muscular leg...this style of shoe can cut your proportions up so if this is the case for you...chose a sandal that doesn't wrap around your ankle but still has a rock 'n' roll feel.

          This sandal shows more leg which lengthens

Stuart Weitzman - FullUp - Studded High Heel Sandal $172.50

   A-line is a universally flattering shape for every body type!  LOVE eyelet in doesn't always have to be white!

Jones New York Signature Skirt, Eyelet A-Line $89

I enjoy the juxtapose of pairing something as casual as denim with something as sweet as eyelet. 
BEWARE: I don't know why but often denim tops come shaped VERY boxy.  Shape is imparitive!
TIP: Tuck it in or rock a belt at the waist if you're long waisted...leave out if you're short waist.

Levi's light weight denim shirt $110

A skirt with flip flops is as comfortable or MORE comfortable than shorts! I swear!! Try it.

LOVE eyelet as a swim cover up.  Gives you the coverage you need but airy enough so you're not over heating.

Talbots Eyelet Cover Up $69

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspiration Catalog

Because of what I do for a living (Fashion Consultant) I have to subscribe to MANY magazines.  At any given time I have about 20 sitting around.  My husband started getting really irritated so I started ripping out the pictures of things that I liked and then putting them in plastic pockets and again in binders that were pretty that I could put on the book shelf.  Sometimes I'd find nothing to pull from a magazine and other times I was pulling something from every other page. I was starting to develop my own 'magazine'  of just things I liked. What I noticed is that I would not only refer to these pictures for reference for work but I'd refer to them also as personal inspiration of what to wear and how.  Even Fashion Consultants need inspiration. And so the Inspiration Catalog was born.

It's something I highly recommend my clients do because it's a way of gaining knowledge of how to pair things differently than you'd usually do. You can also easily start to develop what YOUR personal style is this way.  I refer often to my inspiration catalog if I'm stuck on what to wear or if I know something is missing from my wardrobe but I just don't know what. 

All you need are clippings from catalogs and magazines of things you like (it could be a color, texture, accessory, product, tutorial), plastic pocket covers and a 3 ring binder. I've attached a picture of my own so you can get an idea.

Start your own and let me know how it inspires you!

The 'Oh Sh!t I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' shopping trip

Been there?  Standing in front of your closet starring aimlessly at hanging items, not really focusing on anything specific because you know it's not there.  The feeling of panic growing stronger and stronger.  The realization coming over you. You don't want to have to face it but you have not choice.
I just had that moment yesterday.  The weather FINALLY shifted from Spring 60's to summer 70's and I realized I was completely unprepared.  I did bust out my spring/summer storage containers, however last spring/summer I had just had a baby and my body was in 'transition' as I like to call it. So everything I took out was now 2 sizes or more too big for me (yes, that did feel good but it didn't make my situation any better).  I have four client meetings this week and the weather is suppose to only get warmer.  What did I do...I went on a panic shopping trip.  Those are THE WORST kind shopping trips to go on because you NEED something.  The cards are stacked against you already.  Well we've all been in this situation and it's one that is necessary to address so here are some tips on how to approach it.

BREATHE Get your barrings.  You will be okay.  You will not have to walk out your door naked. I promise.

Shop the Classics
 You can't go wrong with the classics.  They are timeless and simple.  You'll be able to take that item and then pair it with something existing in your closet for sure!

If you don't already have a 'Little Black Dress' or the basic blazer, adding this item can create a multitude of new outfits.

Remember there are seasonal LBD's and Basic Blazers.

Avoid shopping for 'tough to fit' items

If jeans are hard to fit for you don't head out looking for your next 'it' pair.  You're just setting yourself up for disaster and heartache.

Shop for items that you know you won't have a difficult time finding the right fit. And if all else fails jewelry doesn't have a size to it and can change up an outfit dramatically.

Accessories change an entire outfit

A pair of shoes, a scarf, some earrings....

Pairing a seasonal piece of jewelry with existing items in your wardrobe can breathe new life to it. 

AND jewelry can be super affordable.

DON'T try something new

This is NOT the time ladies to get adventurous and try something new.
Yes you need something new but 9x's out of 10 you're going to buy something that just isn't you, you aren't going to wear, and it doesn't look good on you.

Step away from the sales associate telling you you look 'A-MA-Zing in that'. wink.

Stick to shopping for unique and different items when you've got less of a panic going on and more of your wits about you.

So what did I end up with?  Two blazers: a navy linen blazer and a white with blue ticking (dotted stripes) (season Basic Blazers) , two tee's (classics), a raffia fedora hat in neutral color, a pair of gold and white bone and black bead earrings (accessories).  I will be going through my Inspiration Binder soon to create my list of shopping items so I won't have that 'Oh Sh!t' feeling again!