Monday, August 1, 2011

Mixing Patterns 101

One way of being playful with your outfits is to mix up your patterns.  It looks so intimidating I know, but if you know some simple rules to's as easy as rock'n that plain tee with jeans you're always doing...

Key Points:

  • There should be ONE common dominant color that is in common with both patterns. This will make the combo make sense.  This a rule for the pattern mixing beginners...

  • Vary the scale or proportion of the pattern (large with a medium print or small with a medium)

  • If you feel like it's needed, break the patterns up with a common neutral.

  • Make sure the patterns aren't competing. If you follow the above rules...this shouldn't happen.

So give a try! If you're not sure how it looks send me a picture and I'll let you know if you look like bozo or beautiful.

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